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tv   [untitled]    August 12, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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ninety days now with it drawn we have an opportunity to go through and validate what's documented is consistent with the assumptions. try to make sure that we do provide a better path at this point in time. >> good morning board members i'm the ceo of -- we're a local small minority business here in the bay view district of san francisco. i'd like to formally thank the board of directors for this opportunity. i believe by supporting the
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phase one budget how this would effect my business and the community. number one as a disabled business owners this will enable me it's i want to thank the small business program. i personally want to thank really fast director kaplan making us feel like we matter in this process thank you. >> i apologize i've got a conflict so i'm running out so thank you everyone. >> thank you director metcalf.
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>> it's safe to say we've all come too few so with that let's move forward. thank you. >> good afternoon board. i'll keep my comments very brief. i'm also the cochairperson for the san francisco african american chamber of commerce construction advisory committee we want to commended this board for the participation that we're seeing on this package it's very difficult on packages that large and that complex to get dve participation and for you guys to exceed the participation on it you need to be commended and commended over and over again. we want to see you guys to keep the small
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business and local business participation in the picture as you continue moving forward in the project and we support this budget. thank you. >>3 4 f1 good morning directors speaking on behalf of the san francisco transportation authority you know this project is a very important project for the transportation authority. the transportation authority is committed to supporting in any way possible. we are in agreement and it's no time to start thinking about stopping or slowing down we got to move forward so in addition, we
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agree with the concerns expressed by director metcalf and director reiskin as we all know the phase 2 is the one that brings everything together and takes the package to full potential to that effect we'd like to encourage more collaborative and open discussion on specific strategies to reducing the costs of phase 2 of the project and other specific strategies for obtaining additional funding and we stand together with the you to help achieve those goals. >> thank you. i apologize for not calling you before public comment thank you for being here. >> good morning my name is --
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i'm the owner of -- we're based in san francisco a 12 year old firm we're actually familiar with this project we're worked on the contract for 2 years. when they actually give realtime data and alert the contract or when the design load is mobilized so i've been doing that for the last 2 years i've been working on the contractors providing noise vibration monitoring. so we're going to work on 3 contracts on this project and we think you are pretty smart actually approving the budget. thanks. >> thank you.
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>> directors i had elaborate comments particularly on metcalf's remark but i'll forego those he's gone and you are short on time. we're very grateful in the trades to have this project. so much else that's going on around the project site depends on this project. stand up please raise your hand i think they are grateful in the same way. we like what we're hearing and look forward to continuing work on the project. >> thank you. >> campbell, little, charlie? >> good afternoon board members. i look forward to a
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motion that director metcalf put forward and look forward to your support. thank you. >> same to you. >> good morning executive director kaplan and members of the board. i'm with the operating engineers. i want to thank you all for your dill gence in the management of the project and looking at phase 2 and how we're going to make that happen and i want to also recognize the dill gence in monitoring the hiring on the job that local businesses and veterans are out there getting dispatched to the job and i want to commend her on that and i'll hand it over to our coordinator.
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>> i'm the apprenticeship coordinator. we have a couple that have just graduated to journeyman level so thank you. >> i think it's tommy d u.n. nigan. >> good morning and thank you for the opportunity. first of all i'm extremely disappointed if we lose the 185 million dollars the second point is there's one loan for phase one and one for phase 2 i'm really concerned about the impact of restructuring the phase one of the impact that that's going to have on the phase 2 loan. the last thing i'd like to say is
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that i'm not a subject matter expert with a bunch of letters behind my name but i can read english so i'd like to direct your attention to page 9 in the staff report. what i what i find on the 4th ne. so my recommendation to you would be to amend this budget. can i make one last comment? this board is excellent. it's the best board i've ever seen and you are more than welcome to apply for positions on the cal train board we welcome you. >> thank you. >> the public indicated they want to address you. >> good morning madam chair and tj and directors i'm at her .
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i'm terry, d u.n. nigan there's going to be -- there also is a great outreach to the people of the community that's business owners and small business owners i urge you to pass this budget you have done a great job in getting local residents to work as well as veterans. thank you have a good day. >> are there any members of the public that would like to speak on this item? >> i'm with the electrical workers. our members suffered through an extremely difficult time. projects like these have gotten us back on our feet it's
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important for our local economy and therefore important for san francisco i is of san francisco ans please approve the budget. thank you. >> any members of the public. >> public comment is closed. i want to thank everyone for coming out today and the diversity on our workforce i appreciate. i just want to reiterate that i think i can speak on behalf of the board we just want to thank the staff for their credible ly hard work and we asked a lot of questions the last couple months and a lot of hard questions but none of that should take away from the fact that we have a tremendous amount of respect for the dill gence
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of the staff and we acknowledge that this project is on time because of the commitment and dedication of the staff so i just wanted to state that of course a lot of questions and concerns came up through the budget process but we really look forward to working with staff on it i just want to acknowledge the hard work that went into it. are there any other. >> i would like to propose an amendment to the approval. within 4 months staff present to the board with 2 valued engineers to the alternatives to the risk value assessment that's been made i have a feeling we're going to look at them and i want to vote for this budget but at the same time i see something there that we might be able to control some costs on in a few months and i think we need to take advantage of that possibility.
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>> can you reiterate the motion again. >> that we direct staff to within 4 months to present this board with 2 levels of value engineered alternatives to the risk and vulnerability assessment fund. >> we can say -- as you know, as every rsp goes out we ask the contract ors to provide value engineering ideas so that's an opportunity to do that and within that context that could happen but i can't give you within 4 months something beyond what we've already done but as the bids come in there will be an opportunity for each of the people bidding to provide value engineering options. >> so we do have a motion to amend are there any comments on this motion. >> i definitely support the concept that i hear what the director is saying i think it
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needs to fit into the context of when the value engineering would be done the further value engineering would be done as part of the project i'm not sure that we saw for example some of the contracts here today or previous ones what those elements have been that have been submitted so i think -- absolutely maybe a friendly amendment request that when as we get bids for the rva elements and for everything else that we get visibility into the proposals that have been submitted. >> absolutely as the bids come in. >> i'm just afraid it will be a little late at that point we need to think beforehand that's the problem at the bid stage it's difficult to get bidders to you know think holistically
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and you are risking vulnerability assessment i think we need to at least have the board presented with what the factors were. i'd go along with that we're going to be looking for places to save money on this project i have a feeling and that's to me the only obvious one. so the contingents and reserves you may not need that but here's a place where we could very well save money. i think we need to schedule. >> but we have done it director you were not here in the initial presentations we have done that and i don't have anymore money to go back and do further work it's a money issue i don't have the money i'm being asked to save money i can't therefore continue to pay more money for consult ants to
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do further work. >> is we have two motions on the floor then i think if they are considered to be separate i will be seconding director reiskin's motion and i'd like to see more valued engineering done to the package i understand some of the constraints that the schedule is currently on in regards to the bids i think we do have two motions on top of the approval of the budget. the first was to put the contingents cies on the reserve so it will come back to the board. it will certainly be helpful for that
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discussion to happen at the board level if and when there are increases to the legal services and finally the package as director reiskin had articulated. >> absolutely they can bring that information to you before contract award yes. >> okay so we do have a motion can we have a second on kind of the amended motion? okay so we have a second on item number 7. >> item number 7 as amended. >> i'll note that director metcalf was supportive but had to leave. >> aye. >> that's 4 ayes and item 7 is approved. >> thank you and i also forgot to acknowledge and congratulate mr. bob beck who has served on
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the trans bay project i have the joy to continue working with him on the treasure island development authority so i'm not as sad i just want to thank you very much for your work thus far. >> second. >> thank you. can we please move to item number 8? >> authorizing -- for the structural steel superstructure package increasing the authorized fixed fee.
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>> thank you. >> if you have any questions brian dikes is here to present the item. >> we already have a motion and a second i'm assuming that there's no questions or comments on this item. can we please open for public comment on this item. >> and no members of the public wanted to address you on that item. >> okay please do come up. >> yes i'm a business manager with iron workers local 377 and i appreciate all your support on this project we want to get started out there a lot of people anxious to get to work. thank you. >> public comment is closed. >> can we take a roll call on this item?
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>> aye. >> 4 ayes and item 8 is approved. >> thank you can we please move to item number 9. >> agreement number to add new work scope and increase existing budget by 510 thousand not to exceed -- >> directors, if you have any questions, brian is here. >> i move approval. >> is there any public comment on this item? >> seeing none public comment is closed roll call on this item. >> director harper? >> aye. >> director lloyd.
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>> aye. >> that's 4 ayes and item 9 is approved. >> thank you can we please move to item number 10. >> authorize filing of an application for the allocation in the amount of 6 million dollars. >> she's here if you have any questions. >> thank you. we have a motion and a second is there any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. roll call on this item. >> that's 4 ayes and item 10 is approved. >> item 11 is -- if you have
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any questions, directors, sara can also report on this item. >> i move the authorization. >> i would second i do have one question. what mechanism is there to evaluate it each year that determines whether we want to extend the contract. >> >> there's no formal evaluation process but staff -- staff informally evaluates whether or not we've been happy with the services and we have been thus far they are very competitive ly priced and this is one instance we have done it year by year in order that we continue that we're happy with the services before we lock ourselves into a longer contract. >> we break it down review the
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responseiveness and they have been doing that and we've been applying for every possible grant that we qualify for. >> okay thank you. >> that was actually my same question so thank you. >> is there any public comment on item number 11? >> seeing none public comment is closed we do have a motion and a second can we take roll call on this item? >> that's 4 ayes and item 11 is approved. >> thank you so at this time we are going to recess the regular meeting and convene into closed session. >> we can do that without opposition is there any public comment on the items in closed
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session? seeing none we will ask all the members of the public to exit we're now back in open session. >> the board authorizes the executive director and that the board authorizes the dismissal and the memorandum regarding the value of these condo
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minium s. >> thank you so are there any other items for this meeting? >> that concludes the agenda for today. the meeting is your honored. >> thank you. >> thank you. (music) >> herb theatre,open rehearsal. listen to the rehearsal. i think it is fun for them, they see our work process, our discussions,
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the decisions we make. it is good for us. we kind of behavior little bit when we have people in the audience. msk (music) >> we are rehearsing for our most expensive tour; plus two concerts here. we are proud that the growth of the orchestra, and how it is expanded and it is being accepted. my ambition when i came on as music director here -- it was evident we needed absolutely excellent work. also evident to me that i thought everyone should know that. this was my purpose. and after we opened, which was a spectacular opening concert about five weeks after that the economy
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completely crashed. my plan -- and i'm absolutely dogmatic about my plans --were delayed slightly. i would say that in this very difficult timefor the arts and everyone, especially the arts, it's phenomenal how new century has grown where many unfortunate organizations have stopped. during this period we got ourselves on national radio presence; we started touring, releasing cds, a dvd. we continue to tour. reputation grows and grows and grows and it has never stopped going forward. msk(music) >> the bay area knows the orchestra.
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you maybe take things for granted a little bit. that is simply not the case will go on the road. the audiences go crazy. they don't see vitality like this on stage. we are capable of conveying joy when we play. msk(music) >> any performance that we do, that a program, that will be something on the program that you haven't heard before. string orchestra repertoire is pretty small. i used to be boxed into small repertoire. i kept constantly looking for new repertoire and commissioning new arrangements. if you look at the first of the program you have very early, young vibrant mendelson;
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fabulous opener and then you have this fabulous concerto written for us in the orchestra. is our gift. msk(music) >> and then you have strauss, extraordinary piece. the most challenging of all. string orchestra work. 23 solo instrument, no violin section, now viola section; everybody is responsible for their part in this piece. the challenge is something that i felt not only that we could do , absolutely could do, but i wanted to show off.
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i can't tell you how aware i am of the audience. not only what i hear but their vibes, so strong. i have been doing this for a long time. i kind of make them feel what i want them to feel. there is nobody in that audience or anywhere that is not going to know that particular song by the fourth note. and that is our encore on tour. by the way. i am proud to play it, we are from san francisco. we are going to play that piece no matter where we are.


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